Hello there! My name is Brittany Fleming and I am a design nut! It is my passion and what gets my mind turning in the morning! I am a graduate of Auburn University’s Interior Design program.  Hip hip hooray! The program is CIDA accredited and was ranked number four in the nation of interior design programs in 2009. I worked hard to maintain my grades and graduated Magna Cum Laude.  I am also a member of ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) as an Allied member! I have several years of design experience under my belt, by working for a certified residential interior designer in Auburn, AL for three years, an award-winning residential firm in Atlanta, GA, and for a certified commercial designer in Mobile, AL.

I have started my very own design business…please check it out under the “Harri Ette Interiors” tab or here…no seriously, please.  I also sell vintage finds for your home on Etsy, here at Harri Ette House! LASTLY…I also design and sell custom, printable invitations and party decor on Etsy…the name is Paper Theory and you can check it out here!

I am an avid blog reader…totally hooked! What did we do before them?! Therefore, I decided to take this blogging world by storm.  So I got to googling (is that a word?) and turned myself into a self-taught blogger.  I am still learning, so bear with me! With every word that scares me or I don’t understand, I hit the help and support pages! It is harder than it looks!

You might be asking yourself…who the heck is Harri Ette? Well…Harri Ette is my grandmother! She is the inspiration and motivation of my design business.  Harriette was such a remarkable woman whom I always looked up to! When searching for a way to honor my late grandmother, nothing will ever live up to the life she led.  However, I chose to attempt to tribute her with my passion for design and name the business after her! I hope she smiles from heaven with approval! I love you and miss you Gran-Gran!

Anywho, I’ll be sharing with you my thoughts, experiences, and loves of the design world!  When there is something I love, I just got to share it! So read on and stay with me! Hopefully you will enjoy my take on the design world!

Have a happy day and LET’S GO BLOG!



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